Tenant Services

De Pietro Holdings LLC provides its tenants with direct Property and Asset Management as well as Space Planning and Design, Tenant Improvement, and Construction Management Assistance.


De Pietro Holdings LLC owns office, industrial, medical office, R&D, and retail properties. As part of our ownership and in keeping with our investment philosophy, we provide direct property and actively involved asset management only for our own properties (we do not manage properties for third parties). With our experience and capabilities, we offer our tenants with design and space planning, tenant improvement, and construction management assistance.

Property & Asset Management

De Pietro Holdings LLC directly manages all properties owned by the company in California. We also manage our Arizona and Colorado properties with local property management partners. Through regular communication with our tenants, our team provides responsive service and proactive activities to ensure high-quality standards at each of our properties. Such activity includes managing in-house staff and service contractors, coordinating repairs, addressing tenant concerns, and identifying maintenance needs to provide our tenants with reliable and high quality facilities. We manage the administrative and financial performance of each property depending on its individual lease structure.


Space Planning & Design

In-house design provides tenants with the ability to design their individual spaces to best match their operations. Whether it is updating or modifying existing space or designing space from the ground-up, De Pietro Holdings LLC works with the tenant or potential tenant in all phases of the planning and design of projects. This work includes managing interior and exterior design, functional space planning, detail coordination and assistance with material palette design and selection.


Tenant Improvement & Construction Management

De Pietro Holdings LLC can manage tenant design and construction teams through the improvement process. Working with the tenant and their individual space requirements, we can assist with or manage the design and review of architectural and engineering documents, necessary permitting, contractor and subcontractor bid processes, construction or renovations, cost management, schedule, administration, and quality control.


Let's Work Together

De Pietro Holdings LLC is committed to meaningful long-term relationships with our tenants, contractors, and vendors. We deliver services to our tenants that adapt to meet changing market requirements, technology, and methods.